AC Method of Factoring

What is the AC method?

The AC method of factoring is used to factor polynomials of the form Ax + Bx + C. A, B, and C represent constants and x is the variable.

Steps to use the AC Method

  1. Determine AC by multiplying the A term and C term.
  2. Find two numbers that add to the B term and multiply to AC. (Call the smaller number M and the larger number N)
  3. Rewrite the original equation as Ax + Mx + Nx + C.
  4. Factor the new equation by grouping.
  5. Perform final factoring by applying the distributive property.

Step-by-step Example

Let's factor the following quadratic polynomial using the AC method.
3x + 4x - 4

[step 1]
[step 2]
[step 3]
[step 4]
[step 5]